Recently, homeowners, in Mckinney, have been the unlucky recipients of several hailstorms. If your vehicle was damaged by one of these hailstorms, the damage may appear unrepairable. Good news, it may be hard to believe, but most autos can be restored to almost new.
North Dallas Dent has the experience to restore your vehicle to pre-storm condition and is ready to provide the kind of service we feel everyone deserves. We use only industry-leading techniques and technology to repair hail damage. Our goal is to provide services that are simple, fast, and free from hassles, to remove the stress caused by the hailstorm, in McKinney.

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The first step, after discovering your vehicle has been damaged by hail, is to contact, promptly, your auto insurance provider. The handling of claims is different for each insurance provider; however, the actual process should remain similar.

The second step is an inspection or appraisal of the damage the vehicle has received. Your provider will have you do one of three things: a claim drive, an in-field inspection (claims adjuster) or have you taken it directly to a repair company like North Dallas Dent. Hail damage is easier to see if the car is cleaned and evaluated in a shaded area or an inside location. This will also make it easier for an accurate appraisal.

We can guide you through the entire process.

Hail Damage Repair Steps:

  • Contact Insurance Provider
  • Insurance Claim Inspection
  • Repairs

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Just a short drive south of McKinney, in Allen, you can drop off your vehicle for repair, at this point, we will negotiate directly with your insurance company removing all hassles and stress until the job is complete. Letting us handle the small stuff makes things much more convenient for you. After the insurance details have been worked out, we can begin the repair process.

North Dallas Dent has a team of technicians that will work on your vehicle. Hail repair begins with our technicians gaining access to the back of the dent. We use a combination of techniques which include removing vehicle parts, body panels and using an array of special tools.

Once we have access, we will slowly massage the body panel until it is back to pre-storm condition. The length of time the process will take will depend on the amount of damage. Paintless dent repair is our preferred method of repairing hail damage. The process preserves the original factory finish of your vehicle. Additionally, paintless dent repair is much quicker than traditional repairs.

“From Disaster to Done, your car will look and feel like new again with North Dallas Dent’s trained professionals and hail team experts.”

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