Hail repair Plano Texas! Plano has been known to have it fair share of hail storms. In 2016, Plano had 28 reports of hail. Thunder, lightning, wind, and rain commonly accompany hail in most Texas storms, but it’s the hail that more often causes vehicle damage. The majority hail storms damage, to your automobile, is serious enough to require expert service by a hail repair company. For those residents of Plano, Texas who fall victim to the many hail storms and find themselves in need of hail damage repair for their vehicles, North Dallas Dent is available to provide top of the line hail repair services. Whether its hail or another source that has damaged your vehicle, our highly trained and skilled experts are equipped to handle the problem.

Our experts use only state of the art equipment and techniques, specializing in the amazing paintless dent removal (PDR) procedure. North Dallas Dent is confident that we can and will meet your every repair need. Our experts offer quality service and are focused on providing top-quality customer service to all our clients. We offer quick turnaround times and affordable prices, which has made us the trusted dent repair company in Plano. Just a short drive north of Plano, in Allen, you can drop off your vehicle for repair.

We will also work directly with your insurance company from their appraisal until the job is finished. Your provider will have you do one of three things: a claim drive, an in-field inspection (claims adjuster) or have you take it directly to a repair company like North Dallas Dent. Once the vehicle is brought to our shop, one of our experts will appraise the damage incurred and provide a thorough estimate of all work to be performed. Hail damage is easier to see if the car is cleaned and evaluated in a shaded area or an inside location. This will also make it easier for an accurate appraisal. We are on your side and we will help you every step of the way. Letting us handle the small stuff makes things much more convenient for you. We will negotiate directly with your insurance company removing all hassles and stress until the job is complete. After the insurance details, have been worked out, we can begin the repair process.

With so many vehicle repair shops available in Plano, Texas, make no mistake, North Dallas Dent is by far your go to company for all your hail repair needs. Contact us today, or stop by for a free estimate on your dent repair needs and put the care of your vehicle into the hands of our highly-trained experts. You’ll be glad you did!

To get a free estimate or start a repair, contact us by calling or completing our easy online form. One of our exceptional Plano team members will get back to you quickly.