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The experience of your motor vehicle being damaged in a hailstorm is certainly not an enjoyable experience. Regrettably, the repair process can be less enjoyable than the initial incident. The irritation of contacting your insurance provider, waiting on their appraiser, and running around town obtaining estimates requires a lot of time.  Time most people do not have.  The process is just as confusing as it is time exhausting.  Residents of Wylie have a stress free option.  You can take your motor vehicle to North Dallas Dent located in Allen and we can assist in working through the insurance claim process.  We understand you have other significant concerns to attend to including work and family.  If your home was damaged from the same hail storm, then that is just more added stress.  For our Wylie neighbors, we have tried to answer some the common questions and hopefully answered to reduce some of your stress, confusion, and to save your treasured time.

As soon as hail damage is found, contact your insurance provider to initiate the claims process. This is one of those claims that you should not hesitate or procrastinate about.  Do not fear your insurance premiums being raised.  Hail damage is considered an act of nature is covered under plan’s comprehensive coverage. Filing a hail claim will never cause your premiums to go up.  Your insurance provider will assign an appraiser or ask you to go to an appraisal center for a full appraisal of the damage to your motor vehicle. After the inspection is complete, your insurance company will probably provide a list of recommended body shops.  Recommended shops are called Direct Repair Programs in which body shops have agreements with the insurance companies.  Typically, these body shops depend on the insurance companies to direct work to them and in return agree to provide discounts on parts and labor to the insurance company.  This is a profitable way of doing business for both entities. Most of these shops are good body shops; however, the arrangement adds pressure for them to keep repair costs down to maintain good standing with the insurance companies. Most insurance providers will allow you to take your motor vehicle to the servicer of your choice and in the State of Texas they cannot force you to take it to a specific body shop.

Paintless dent repair is endorsed by most insurance companies for approved repair of automobile hail damage, unless the damage is too bad to be repaired by PDR and traditional repair methods are required.  When hail damage is repaired via paintless dent repair and performed by a professional PDR specialist, it is the least costly option for repair available. PDR allows you to retain your motor vehicle’s factory finish, rather than having a body shop repair it with aftermarket replacement panels and repainting the damaged area, therefore restoring it to pre-loss condition. Repainting the factory finish reduces the value of your motor vehicle.

North Dallas Dent, of Wylie, is not a direct insurance program provider. Our customers are magnificent about recommending us to their friends and family and it keeps us very busy after a hailstorm. We deliver the most reliable paintless dent repair services in North Texas. Remember, it is your choice with whom you have your hail-damaged motor vehicle repaired, not your insurance company’s.

Wylie residents deserve the very best in car or truck hail damage repair. Right next door in Allen is most dependable and reliable repair facility in North Texas.  If your car or truck has been damaged by one of Wylie’s recent hail storms, call us today drop and drop your motor vehicle off for a full evaluation.  We are ready to help you get back to normal and end the stress caused by the hail storm.