dent repair company in Allen, TX

Were you and your vehicle caught out in one of the recent Texas hail storms?  When you first looked at your car or truck, did you notice many dents?  Are you sue the damage was from a recent hail storm in Anna? Have you communicated with your insurance provider and commenced the essential standard insurance claim process so your repairs will be covered? If yes, then Dent Resource LLC will schedule a time to begin your repairs and handle your claim from here forward.  If you have not communicated with your insurance provider, then we can work with that too.  We can assist by working with you through the claim process and communicate directly with your insurance company.  We are focused on reducing your stress not adding to it.  Once your vehicle is arrives from your Anna home or office to our Allen location, Dent Resource LLC will begin the process of damage evaluation and analysis. Our specialists methodically inspect the damage to your vehicle and determine if paintless dent repair (PDR) is your best alternative.

Our team considers many factors when determining whether to recommend paintless dent repair or not.  The factors include the size and depth of the hail dents.  Most vehicle owners are not privy to the information that many standard vehicles have flexible original factory paint, which means minor dents can frequently be repaired without painting. The PDR system provides a flawless option for hail damage repair with little impact to the structural integrity of the vehicle.

How does paintless dent repair in Anna work? Paintless dent repair comprises of the careful manipulation of a vehicle’s minor dents and dings, without the addition or removal of paint.  This procedure is often used when dealing with strikes on the outer panel or indentations that have not removed paint from the vehicle. Also, our specialists consider the location of the damage. Specifically, hood or door panel edge damage is not normally a good candidate for paintless dent repair. Dent Resource LLC will recommend the best alternative available for dents of every type.

Paintless dent repair in Anna requires our specialists to gain access to the backside of the dent.  Once accessed, we use specific tools intended clearly for the removal of dents. The practice provides a view of both sides of the dent allowing even pressure distribution, while manipulating the dent and restoring it back to its previous shape. Intermittently, the repair requires the use of fluorescent light boards to create shadows in the dent aiding in leveling of the affected area. After manipulation, including along the edges, the size of the dent will slowly shrink and eventually disappear.

Dent Resource LLC uses only the latest technology and specialized tools for paintless dent repair, guaranteeing your vehicle is restored back to its pre-accident or hail storm condition. Whether you have a minor ding or a major dent, bring your vehicle to Dent Resource LLC and we’ll make everything right again. Call today and let our team of experts put things back like they were before the Anna hail storm.